The Things They Do And Skills They Need

It always scares the jeepers out of me when I hear a sales manager talking about a new hire say, "He’s been a salesperson in the industry for 4 years. He knows what needs to be done." That is one whopper of an assumption! You need to know your salespeople are doing the right things the right way now and in the future. Matrix will help you design and implement a continual development track that gives you the results you want, showing you how to reproduce these results in an ongoing and sustainable basis.

Services Available

Sales Constraint Impact Analysis™
Matrix will implement this system by
  • Defining business objectives
  • Review of existing business metrics, processes and systems
  • Marketplace examination
  • Working observation
  • Structured interview sequences
  • Simulations
  • Comparison against skills, traits, processes and systems in our Best Practice Database
  • Presentation of findings

This system will help you to pinpoint what works, what needs to be addressed immediately and what is lurking around the next corner.

Business Impact Skill Training
There are a couple of levels to this system. It can be modulated or taken in whole, and we start with

  • Sales Constraint Impact Analysis
  • Training roll out
    • Customization
    • Initial meeting with team
      • Expectations
      • Schedule of classes
    • Philosophy
      • What they should expect from themselves, Business People or Salespeople
      • Learning is not lightning; true improvement takes time and practice as well as learning
      • The Psychology of Sales
      • Info-tainment
    • Main Content
      • John’s Rules to Success and Sanity
      • Sales Specific Time Management
      • Research Module "How and where to find prospects"
      • Not just networking…Partnering
      • Who are your customers?
      • The Benefit Introduction Statement
      • Listening
      • Fact Finding/Need Finding (Open, Clarify, Summarize and Empathize Model)
      • Creating A Value Differential and Widening The Divide
      • Urgency: Not yours…YOUR CUSTOMER’S!
      • Presentation Skills
      • Win more proposals NOW!
      • The progression to yes
      • One message…Many ears
      • Closing skills: When is the best time to close?
      • Follow up and ongoing customer maintenance
    • Ancillary Content
      • The RIGHT WAY to work a Trade Show
      • How to Build an A-Player Sales Team
      • 1 Call Resolution Skills
      • Customer Service Excellence
      • Priority: Time Management for EVERYBODY
  • Review of training and measure against objectives
  • Establishment of result tracking system
  • Continual follow up

People are your most valuable resource. Their continued development is the key to long-term success. The more their skills develop, the more value they bring to a customer and to the organization. The invaluable by-product is the loyalty that grows from the training and concern for their development. This loyalty will help build a solid foundation on which to start your BEST PRACTICE SALES ORGANIZATION.

S.I.T.™ (Stay in Touch) Nurture Prospecting System
This system’s design starts with

  • Defining business objectives
  • Review of existing lead generation systems
  • Marketplace Examination
  • Data Mining/Market Modeling
  • Customer Value Analysis
  • Training class: Suspect / Prospect Education 101
  • Development of an education touch library
  • Development of impact marketing tools
  • Design of delivery methods
  • Establishment of schedule with procedures
  • Work with existing CRM/SFA or manual system to provide analytical reports
  • Implementation

You never want your salespeople to experience The UGH! Factor. You want to have your suspects/prospects look forward to your next call. The best way to do that is to educate your customers engagingly-and not just when you want them to buy something from you. In the worst case, your educated suspect/prospect won’t need anything from you at the moment. Well, I promise they will tell their colleagues about you and what you offer, and if you continue to educate them they will remember you when they DO need something!

S.I.T.™ (Stay in Touch) Customer Service Impact Schedule
Matrix will design this system through

  • Defining business objectives
  • Review of existing customer service systems
  • Marketplace examination
  • Training class: Care of Customers 101
  • Development of an education touch library
  • Development of any ancillary tools needed
  • Establishment of schedule with procedures
  • Work with existing CRM/SFA or manual system to provide analytical reports
  • Implementation

We do not want to be known as "one sale wonders". Once we have a customer we want them to remain our customer FOREVER! We also want them to provide solid references for us to grow our new business base. This will not happen if we forget they, the customer, are there. Our intermittent attention needs to appear like it is constant, and we need to continue to educate them long after they have signed on. You never know when they might be interested in a new product offering. If we stay in continual contact, we will always have our finger on the pulse of the customer.

Sales Compensation Strategy & Design
We can help you to put together a comp plan through

  • Definition of business objectives and limitations
  • Definition of individual objectives
  • Marketplace examination
  • Design of compensation to achieve objectives factoring in limitations

Compensation is an often-minimized facet of sales. Everybody has a comp plan. But is it truly designed to motivate day-to-day, month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year?

Impact-Track™: Sales Tracking System
The implementation of this system consists of

  • Defining of business objectives
  • Definition of individual objectives
  • Review of existing business metrics, processes and systems
  • Identify key measurable activity metrics with "stretch" goals
  • Work with existing CRM/SFA or manual system to provide analytical reports
  • Define effective reinforcement methods to achieve results
  • Training class: "The Value of Where You Have Been"
  • Review results and report

How can you manage what you don’t know is happening? The proper use of this system will give you the information you need to make key decisions, reinforce behaviors and establish the "bar" for sales generations to come!

Sales & Customer Service Script Development
Matrix will help you develop your scripts by

  • Defining business objectives
  • Review of existing scripts and product literature
  • Marketplace examination
  • Working observation
  • Round table discussion with team (if needed)
  • Training class on implementation
  • Review with management

Words are where ideas begin. You need to know what your people say is what you want your customer to hear. Matrix will make sure the words have the IMPACT you want them to have regardless of the situation!

Impact Sales Meetings: Development & Implementation
The meeting design will need

  • Definition of business objectives
  • Definition of individual objectives
  • Review of existing meeting agendas
  • Working observation of current meetings
  • Train the trainer on implementation

Most salespeople hate this meeting, and with good reason. Matrix will help you develop a meeting that will educate, reinforce and develop your salespeople. Most importantly, Matrix will make your salespeople look forward to the next one!

Frontline Sales & Management Coaching
We can help you and your people through the

  • Definition of business objectives
  • Definition of individual objectives
  • Open, non-authoritarian dialogue about day to day situations
  • Meeting report with observations to both attendee and supervisor

Sometimes even the most senior person needs a 3rd party look at things to gain the perspective they need. Matrix can give you the big picture, real world view and make sure you stay on track to success.

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