Business is a chain reaction of events. If a link in the chain is faulty or weak, then the end product is never what was intended and the chain breaks. Sagging quarterly sales, losing a major account or a trade show that didn’t produce the results desired are symptomatic weak links that produce the end product we recognize as business decline. The key to preventing these business problems and ensuring overall business growth is proactively finding where the problem is before it becomes a problem. The question is, how do you do that? We have identified, through our research, three distinct competencies that when attended to and nurtured, will lead to sales, marketing and customer service success. Click on a service molecule below and find out more about how Matrix can help you in these three critical areas.

We can quickly determine your area of greatest need using our Best Practice Audit System (B.P.A.S.). The B.P.A.S. is a combination of interviewing, observation and comparison that we cross reference with our database of over 75,000 recorded sales, marketing and customer service situations. We measure against only the top 7% of all recorded situations from the area in question. That 7% is regarded as The BEST PRACTICE Zone. This "rarefied air" is where only the BEST of the Best in sales, marketing and customer service have demonstrated what works in various business situations. The B.P.A.S. is the crucible that will help you and us determine what is needed to make your company a BEST PRACTICE ORGANIZATION!

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